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About Ayurveda

The history of ayurveda was traced about nearly 5000 years back from the time of vedas according to the historian scholars.

But according to vedas (which preech philosphy of life) the true hiostory of ayurveda is that it is not created but revealed by the creator of the world himself LORD BRAHMA to prevail the diseases that were taking place in the universe and the knowledge was passed on to the munis (sages) in a proper manner by GURU SHISHYA PARAMPARA (passing of the knowledge from teacher to student ) also known as avataran according to ayurvedic texts.

Ayurveda comprises of two words

Ayur :- means life

Veda :- means knowledge

The science in which we get the knowledge of staying healthy and being fit by following its principal and to cure the disease if it occurs is known as ayurveda and so is the aim of ayurveda.

Means helps keeping healthy person healthy … And to cure the disease of the diseased person if it occurs…
According to ayurved everything in this cosmos is composed of PANCHMAHABHUTA and so does the body of human bieng which is

आकाश – Space

वायू - Air

जल – Water

अग्नि – Fire

पृथ्वी - Earth

The physiological activities or normal functioning of the body is attained by three fundamental basis i.e. “dosha dhatu and mall”…



Further maansik dosh is classified in three categories

1 Satva ( guna)
2 Raj
3 Tam


Shaaririk dosha is also classified in three categories

1 vatta
2 pitta
3 kaffa
Each dosha has thier own ratio or composition in a body. The health of the person depends on maintaining the harmony of these dosha especially vatta, pitta, kaffa. The disturbed harmony of these three dosha is responsible for producing a disease in a human body. Ayurveda focuses on maintaining harmony in these three dosha by lifestyle & dietry changes, panchkarma, & medicine so the person may remain healthy throughout his life.