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Kidney Diseases

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a global threat to health in general and for developing countries in particular because treatment and therapy is expensive and lifelong. In India, 90% patients cannot afford the cost. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) can lead to an irreversible deterioration in renal function and can end in renal failure, which develops over a period of years. This initially manifests only as a biochemical abnormality. CKD can lead to fall in glomerular filtration rate (GFR) below normal range which Is the sign that your kidney are not functioning properly. The conventional approach of management includes dialysis and renal transplant, which are not affordable by Indian population mainly due to economic reasons. Therefore, exploration of a safe and alternative therapy is needed, which proves to be helpful in reducing the requirement of dialysis and in postponing the renal transplantation. Urinary system diseases 

1 Chronic Kidney Disease
2 Kidney failure
3 Urinary tract infection ( UTI)
4 Haematuria (blood in urine)
5 Renal calculli (Kidney stone)
6 Burning micturition ( burning sensation in urine
7 frequent improper urination


Kidneys & Ayurved



Kidneys are called Vrikka in Ayurveda and are formed by rakta (blood) and medha dhatu (fat tissue). Vrikka is said to be the source or root for Medovaha Srotas (fat tissue channels). Any disease related to the blood and fat may affect the functioning of the kidneys and an example for this is Prameha or Diabetes.

When the kapha dosha blocks the srotas i.e. Mutravaha Srotas (urinary system/ channels carrying the urine), there is an increase in the vata dosha. This can lead to improper production of urine which in turn causes
degeneration of the tissues that leads to malfunctioning of the kidneys and eventually damages the kidney.


Symptoms of Kidney disease

Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, pain, muscle twitches or cramps, variation in the quantity of urination, frothy urine due to excess protein, edema in the ankles and feet, puffiness in the face, constant body itching, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, blood in the urine etc.

Ayurveda uses several safe and effective herbs that help in better functioning of the kidney and even help avoid dialysis. These herbs aim to normalize the doshas and restore the kidney functions by strengthening the kidneys. It is important to note that any treatment given at the earlier stages will help better than opting for treatment in later stages. Most people go for allopathic treatment but Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda has proven much more effective in long term. Suffering from any of the disorder of urinary system you can reach us from our contact us page.