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Sexual dysfunction

Sexual health is an important aspect of human life. Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in general population is very high. It is suggested that about 43% of women and 31% of men have one or other kind of sexual dysfunction. Among men,erectyl dysfunction, premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction. There is lack of consensus with regards to the most common sexual dysfunction in women with some studies reporting hypoactive sexual desire disorder to be the most common entity, followed by orgasmic and arousal disorders; whereas other studies suggest that difficulty achieving orgasm and vaginal dryness to be the most common type of sexual dysfunction in women. Problems of sexual dysfunction may be lifelong or acquired, general or situational. Shame and embarrasement plays important role for sexual problems to remain untreated which can lead to depression and stressfull married life. 

Common sexual problems in male -

1. ERECTYL DYSFUNCTION (इन्द्रिय शिथिलता)
4. SPERMATTORHHOEA (धात:- पेशाब में वीर्य का जाना)
6. INFERTILITY (बन्ध्यत्व)

Common sexual problems in female - 

1. Inhibited sexual desire (कामेच्छा की कमी)
2. Inability to become aroused (कामोतेज्ना की कमी)
3. Lack of orgasm (anorgasmia) (कामोतेज्ना की अन्तिमावस्था का आभाव)
4. Painful intercourse (दर्दयुक्त सम्भोग)


Sexual health and ayurveda


Sexual health can be achived by vajikaran in ayurveda. In sanskrit vajikaran is composed of two words that is vaji = horse, the symbol of sexual potency and performance Karan = To produce So Vajikaran means producing a horse's vigor, particularly the animal's great capacity for sexual activity in the individual.

Ayurveda identifies seven vital tissues that provide nourishment, growth, and structure to the entire body. These tissues, called dhatus, have similarities to the major tissues identified by the modern science. These dhatus remain inside the human body in a proper equilibrium so that the body can function properly. It is said that any kind of disturbance or imbalance in their equilibrium causes ailments and diseases. The seven dhatus are Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (Blood), Mamsa (Muscle), Meda(Fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (Bone marrow and nerve) and Shukra (Reproductive fluid) .

Sexual dysfunction may be caused because of the disturbance and imbalance in the equilibrium of shukr dhatu Often, the sexual style of humans is compared to and is defined in terms of the animal sexual relationship style in the ancient Indian texts. The common examples used are:

  • Chataka (Sparrow) - Multiple short span conjugations with production of small amount of semen.
  • Gaja (Elephant) - Once in a while long time conjugation with abundant semen discharge.
  • Vrusha (Bull) - Regular stable seasonal conjugation with more quantity Semen.
  • Ashwa (Horse) - Regular forceful dynamic conjugation with average quantitative semen.


Vajikaran is done to enhance a sexual potency of an individual just like a potency of horse a great capacity of horse to indulge in sexual activity according to ayurveda By proper use of our formulations, one becomes endowed with good physique, potency, strength, complexion and sexually exhilarated and potent.

“The man who seeks pleasure should resort to Vajikaran, i.e., vilification therapy regularly. The Vajikaran bestows contentment, nourishment, continuity of progeny and great happiness. The medicines or therapy by which the man becomes capable of sexual intercourse with the woman with great strength, which endears him to women and which nourishes the body of the person is known as Vajikaran. It is best promoter of strength and vigor.” So if you have any of the above problems related to your sexual health so u can contact us and have a consultation with us about your problem.

Note :- Don’t expect shortterm, harmfull viagra like medicine from us because we work on the fundamental principles of ayurveda to provide vigour and vitality, so that u indulge in a good sexual relationship with your partner naturally and safely in a longlasting way.